Midwesterner, here. 100 degrees is impressive, but by no means surprising, here. Sometimes the actual temperature will be lower, but the humidity more than makes up for it. That's what kind of sucks about living here - you get brutal winters, and equally brutal summers. » 7/21/14 11:25am Monday 11:25am

I hate what they've done with this franchise. Not the direction of the games themselves, but how it went from being available for a relatively large group of people (xbox and PS2) to a smaller number (PS2 only) to an even smaller number (WiiU, exclusively in Japan).... » 7/17/14 10:03am 7/17/14 10:03am

Aw, that's sad. I really only knew them by their logo at the beginning of Guitar Hero (I always liked watching that creepy eyeball get stabbed, for some reason), but it's still sad to see any studio get closed down. I'm glad they all seem to still have jobs, though. » 7/14/14 12:40am 7/14/14 12:40am

They didn't design the costume, ergo, mocking the original design doesn't just automatically mock them. It's the same thing with any other artist. I can make fun of how ridiculous the general design of Power Girl is, but still recognize that someone drawing her can be an excellent artist. » 7/10/14 1:37pm 7/10/14 1:37pm

Um, we've gotten GOTTEN console-exclusive in-game content, before. Assassin's Creed has been doing it with each and every release since, like, ACB. PS3 has always gotten bonus storylines and whatnot that no one on xbox even had the option of getting. Yet that's just brushed right off, because when Sony and Ubisoft… » 7/08/14 11:07am 7/08/14 11:07am

Last time I flew, it was to E3 of this year, and I had the worst luck :( I normally don't have too many problems while flying, but this time, I nearly missed my first flight (traffic on the highway ground to a halt and sat there for 30-40 minutes (in a small town - this wasn't even remotely expected). I only managed… » 7/07/14 10:54am 7/07/14 10:54am

That was my favorite thing about Ezio (well, apart from his charm, charisma, and sexeh voice): How you got to really see him grow and develop as a character. He goes from an entitled teenager to a mature, fierce Assassin, to a wise...well, still fierce Assassin. You literally see him from birth to death, and like you… » 7/04/14 12:53am 7/04/14 12:53am

But they AREN'T hosting a women-only (for the love of god, stop constantly referring to women like they're some specimen to be studied) bracket for Hearthstone. The only game that both brackets play is Starcraft 2. Other than that, the women play different games from the men. That's just as bullshit as the IeSF… » 7/02/14 11:11am 7/02/14 11:11am