I bought it day 1 and streamed the whole thing on twitch. I quite liked it, even more than I thought I would. I found Shay to be pretty likeable, and it was a blast playing as a Templar for (pretty much) the first time. I also found myself liking the setting far more than I thought I would. River Valley is beautiful,… » 11/21/14 10:47pm Yesterday 10:47pm

I suppose maybe they just enjoy it more than you? I just got to level 30 last night, and I also never touch PvP (save for my attempts to get some of the exotic weapon bounties that require it). Exotic weapons actually tend to be much better than legendary, and can feature cool things like infinite ammo (Ice Breaker)… » 11/20/14 1:26pm Thursday 1:26pm

I'm guessing GS will also have their Buy 2, Get 1 deal on all used games, going on at the same time. At least, they did the few Black Fridays I worked there. You see that deal on and off, but it's something to keep in mind, if anyone is looking for cheaper (and one free, ha) copies. » 11/17/14 5:31pm Monday 5:31pm

I've been noticing a lot of little tiny changes, too. The reputation trackers now diamond, instead of circles. The mission-type icons above beacons now appear automatically as you get close to them. The indicator on your mini-map now even looks slightly different! » 11/17/14 5:20pm Monday 5:20pm

I just finished off Rogue today during a Twitch stream. I'm pretty happy with it over all. I feel Shay could have betrayed a *bit* more hesitation before trying to hunt down his friends and whatnot. I mean, these are the very people that he considered family for so long. He seemed a bit over eager to jump into the… » 11/17/14 5:01pm Monday 5:01pm

Wow... I understand that what this guy did was a massive dick move. But doxxing him?? Since when did doxxing start to become the standard punishment on the internet?? This is what it feels like is happening, anyway (I know it's been happening for years, but it seems like it's happening increasingly often, now). "I… » 11/17/14 10:04am Monday 10:04am

Hey, for what it's worth, the man who I thought was the hottest guy at my university had a receding hair line. For me, it was mostly his eyes. I just really, really liked them. And he was nice. But yes, women can and do regularly look past minor flaws if they like the overall picture. So don't worry too much about… » 11/14/14 7:28pm 11/14/14 7:28pm

Good lord, did that last email you got from him creep me the hell out! "If you don't want problems, send me any articles quoting me... I'll sue you for libel... Think about what's beat for you, and what you want from me, dear..." What a disgusting, scarily obsessed creep! » 11/13/14 7:27pm 11/13/14 7:27pm

The thing is that the time travel aspect (not actual time travel) is what pulled all the games together. Every single game had it (perhaps save for the Vita or DS version, I honestly don't know). So to have completely removed it, making people wonder just what the hell was going on in the Real World, makes no sense to… » 11/12/14 1:18pm 11/12/14 1:18pm