That game just looks so ridiculously stupid. I'm with you, Nathan - Steam really should update it's policy concerning what actually makes something 'inappropriate'. But I can understand completely why they gave this game the boot. Can't say I'm going to cry any tears over this one, ha ha. » 12/16/14 12:04pm Tuesday 12:04pm

I agree for the most part, although I do think that full sync provided an incentive to replay the game, or at least parts of it. And it was good for an achievement or two, or for those who just enjoy having a bit more challenge. And I thought the way they framed it (you went through the game, but this is what REALLY… » 12/11/14 11:30am 12/11/14 11:30am

I had to laugh when I saw this on Reddit. Not at the outcry against her (I can see their point. Wooot, another sexualized female character...), but at his insanely childish reaction. "You dare criticize my work?? Just watch me stomp home and take my toys with me!..." That is, if he's actually being serious at all. If… » 12/10/14 5:31pm 12/10/14 5:31pm

Sweet! I actually JUST played through Gone Home the other night, for the first time. While a short play-through, I found myself unexpectedly loving it. The atmosphere was great (I was creeped out near the beginning, since the whole storm and coming home to an empty house thing just reeks of a horror game), and the… » 12/06/14 1:41am 12/06/14 1:41am

Why on earth would I put someone I relatively just met ahead of someone who has been a loyal friend for years? Ideally, of course, there is no 'putting one ahead of the other' - both parties should know where they stand, and hopefully get along. But if it came down to it, and a new boyfriend was trying to tell me who… » 12/06/14 1:24am 12/06/14 1:24am